Today we begin our Autumn Fasting and Prayer in Golden Valley Church.

It’s not a coincidence that we are beginning our season on the Jewish and Biblical “Day of Atonement” [Yom Kippur].

Yom Kippur in the Old Testament was the day when the High Priest entered into the Holiest Place to make atonement for the whole nation. Today it is still the holiest day of all in the Jewish calendar.

We also believe these days to be highly significant as they are part of Heaven’s calendar for the earth. Although as Christians we believe that Jesus Christ fulfilled the Day of Atonement in the sense that He was both the sacrifice and the High Priest, and that He opened up the heavenly Holy of Holies for us to enter boldly through His blood, it is still highly profitable to make specific and special time to draw near to Him on this day.

Yom Kippur ends 10 days of soul searching, repentance, forgiveness, and cultivating the fear of the Lord. Of course, in one sense we should do this all the time, however, it’s expedient and powerful for us align with heaven’s dates and seasons.

Let’s approach the Throne of Grace – the Mercy Seat – with boldness and confidence, and yet with deep humility, repentance, and awe. I believe God will meet us as we do, in this fast time.

Wes Boxall


Nancy Goudie speaking to GVC

It was a seriously great pleasure to welcome Nancy Goudie (NGM) into Golden Valley Church this past weekend, albeit via ZOOM.

Nancy has been in Christian Ministry for forty years and is an amazing walking testimony to the goodness of God, and to the power of a life laid down for Jesus. Some of us in GVC are old enough to remember when Nancy and her late husband, Ray, began the group, Heartbeat, which was powerfully involved in schools and youth outreach ministry in the 80’s.

Nancy shared many stories and testimonies of how God has saved and healed people, and provided miraculously, during the past years of walking with Him. She powerfully exhorted those attending the sessions to “Come to Jesus for rest” and to “move into a much greater level of trust.”

Her new book, “Who Would Ever Have Thought”, is released next month, and can be preordered from her website at

She also leads a weekly DAY of PRAYER for the nation every Friday.


From October 18th, we will be commencing monthly Sunday Services back at our chapel, “the Firehouse”. We will be holding two one-hour meetings, back to back, as numbers in each will be limited due to social distancing and Government legislation.

It will be essential to pre-register for the services, as spaces are strictly limited.

Registration and further details can be found at Ticket Source. Click in the link below.


We are delighted to be able to welcome Nancy Goudie [New Generation Ministries] as a guest speaker on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th September 2020. Meetings will be held via ZOOM. Please contact us for further details.

Nancy Goudie is a Christian motivational speaker and author living in Thornbury, UK. She has written seventeen books, including “Developing Spiritual Wholeness”, “Nancy Goudie’s Spiritual Health Workout”, “Hot Faith”, “The Beloved”, and “You are Special”.

Nancy also runs unique and creative Spiritual Health Weekend conferences for women in luxury hotels in Windsor and Preston, and has done for over 21 years. These weekends are fun, refreshing and life changing for hundreds of women each year. 

She has also produced five meditation CD’s, three of which are still available: Peace Like a River; Smile and Meditations For The Beloved. Her most recent CD called Speak helps you read, believe and confess Biblical truth. She has a yearly magazine that she produces and is on TV and Radio regularly. She also speaks nationally and internationally at churches, events and conferences. Her heart is to see thousands of people transformed by the love, power and presence of God. Nancy was married to Ray for 43 years, up to his death in 2016, they have two sons, Daniel and Aidan.

During the Covid19 crisis, Nancy has been leading “Heal Our Nation: National Day of Prayer” online, each Friday.

She founded and heads up the creative and innovative charity new generation ministries ( and also founded “Nancy Goudie’s Spiritual Health Weekends.” It’s an absolute pleasure to have her sharing with us in Golden Valley Church.


This August we are running part of our School of Prophets online, over three Wednesdays.

School of Prophets is designed for Christians who desire to grow in their ability to hear God and to live prophetically wherever they are. Scripture encourages us “all to prophesy”. School of Prophets will assist you in developing your own unique combination of gift and style in prophecy.


Teaching will be delivered in person over Zoom and by video/audio recordings. In addition, there will be a small amount of group activations and practise to help you grow!

In between sessions, participants will be expected to complete certain assignments based on the areas of study.

This is normally a full five-day course, however as we are running it online over three part-days, we will only be able to cover some of the material. Additionally, there is normally a charge for this course, but the present sessions are free.

We would however ask:

  • That you commit to attend all the sessions being offered if at all possible
  • That you consider making a donation to Golden Valley Church


✦ Confidence in Hearing God’s Voice

✦ Visionary Capacity

✦ Types of Prophetic Gifting 

✦ Manifestations and Prophetic Symbolism 

✦ Engaging the Heavenly Realms 

✦ Walking in God’s Heart for the Nations 

✦ How to Release Prophetic Words 

✦ The Prophetic Burden 

✦ Prophetic Intercession

✦ Evaluating and Responding to Prophecy

✦ Character, Giftings, Motivation, and Heart-conditions

✦ Prophetic Traps to Avoid




Please note, in line with Government advice we are not holding any actual meetings of Golden Valley Church until further notice, but we are continuing to meet online on Sunday and Thursday mornings, as well as in smaller connect groups, via Zoom.

If you have prayer requests please send them via our Facebook Page, or email us.

Please stay home, and stay safe.


33DB2387-855B-4A9C-A0E2-FC87C02D8A2A.jpegWhat a delight this past weekend has been with John Thomas, President of (John Paul Jackson’s) Streams Ministries, in Golden Valley Church.

We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity of hosting John, together with Streams Training Centre UK.

The weekend consisted of a powerful,  revelation-filled conference entitled, “Engaging the Angelic” where we examined the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation regarding the role of angels.

Sunday morning John spoke from Hebrews and powerfully reminded the congregation of the vitality of the redeeming power of Jesus’s blood.

It was refreshing to receive such clear, sound, and revelational Bible teaching ministry, which was carried with  sharp prophetic understanding and tenderness.



FA45B7F3-E7CD-422C-A256-968DB92FAD46On Monday evening we gathered for Rosh Hashanah 5780 – the Feast of Trumpets – to the sounds of passionate worship and the blasts of the shofars.

We understand that the Hebrew Feasts, it’s calendar, and the nation of Israel itself, are governing factors in the times and seasons of the earthly.

5780 begins not only a new year, but also a new decade; the ‘decade of the mouth.” Our words – prayer, confessions, declarations – are vital, and we desire to align them much more in this season with heaven.

As those who are made in God’s image we are not just created beings, but also creative beings, where words play a significant part. We can, like Abraham, call those things which are not as though they are, and like Ezekiel, call for the gathering of that which has been scattered.

In Revelation, we find  Jesus Himself sounding like a shofar and calling John I higher into heavenly places. As we move forward into this new year let’s seek to pray and declare from that place too, bringing the heavenly into the earthly. We say, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”



This Saturday we will be hosting a day conference in Golden Valley Church, entitled, “How to Stop Dieting and Start Living”. We will be joined by a team from “Fit for Life Forever”, whose aim is to promote health and well-being in the Church.


The team will be led by Dr Sue Kenneally who is a GP working in a surgery in Cardiff. She has a passion to help people who are struggling with maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. She and her team will be tackling subjects such as:

‘Why diets don’t work’
‘How to have a heart for God and for health’
‘Developing a spirit controlled appetite’
‘Exercise – getting moving’

The overall aim of “Fit For Life Forever” is to promote health and well-being within the Body of Christ. It is endorsed by health professionals who, in response to the obesity epidemic especially, have a desire to see the church become part of the answer rather than part of the problem.

A main pillar of the Fit For Life Forever ministry is the STOP DIETING-START LIVING healthy lifestyle, non-diet, weight regulation course. This is a Christian weight loss course with a Biblical foundation.

Sue Kenneally is a GP working in a busy surgery in central Cardiff where she has developed an interest in weight management and promoting a healthy lifestyle. She is studying Nutritional Medicine at university and juggles this with “being married to Dan and mum to three crazy boys.” She says, “I believe that living a healthy life honours God and I want to encourage His people to live well for His glory.”

The day will run from 10am to 4:30pm with an hour lunch break. Please bring your own packed lunch with you. Registration will be at 9:30am. Tickets can be booked on Ticket Source.

Book here