We are excited to have Jeremy and Connie Sinnott back with us this week in Golden Valley Church for a mid-week conference.

Jeremy and Connie are loved ministers in GVC and it’s a joy to be welcoming them to Gloucester again. They come from a Barrie, Ontario where they currently pastor the new “Catch the Fire” church plant out of Toronto.

There is no charge for these meetings but offerings will be taken up.


DeeperHeartDaysA.jpgMany Christians live out of their heads, rather than their hearts. Life goes on like a treadmill and they bounce from one thing to another without giving attention to, or taking time for, the needs of their hearts. They accept unhealed wounds as a normal necessity, and limp rather than walking or running in the plans and purposes of a loving heavenly Father.

Why not take some time out for your heart? Let the deep love of God the Father pour in and bring fresh freedom, wholeness, and authenticity into your life. These days will include key point teaching, personal prayer, and guided soaking time in God’s Presence. Deepen the soil of your heart for fresh encounters with God. Define the doorways of the heart, and enter into more of Heaven’s Kingdom and plans.

Sessions will be taught by Wes Boxall and others.

Each Saturday will run from 9:30am to 8:00pm with breaks for coffee and meals.






prayerIt’s been about two years now since we began regular “House of Prayer” sessions in Golden Valley Church. They are awesome times!
People who are hungry for God gather to worship and pray. The sessions are well-attended, and well-loved.
This week Tuesday night’s session focused on prayer for Israel and Palestine. This morning we prayed especially for our own city of Gloucester.
We love being a House of Prayer and a House of Worship. We appreciate this calling from God that is ours. We can only say, “More Lord!”


MG_Sept08It is with great anticipation and excitement we are preparing for this weekend’s conference in Golden Valley Church, “A Father to You”.

The reality of God’s Fatherhood has been a primary value in GVC since its beginning and has been reflected in much of our history and teaching. But in a world where both ‘God’ and ‘Father’ carry so many mixed emotions and beliefs for people it is important for us as Christians to continue to fully align with the amazing, overwhelming truth that God is our absolutely loving and faithful Father, who provides security for living in a world that has generally turned its back on Him.

God the Father's Love
A Father to You book

This weekend we have our friend Mark Gyde with us. Mark leads a ministry and has authored a book with the same title, “A Father to You”. He is a close colleague of James & Denise Jordan (Fatherheart Ministries) and together with Barry Adams, hosts a weekly webcast on a Wednesday.

We believe that this is a great opportunity to dig deeper into the love and truth of God the Father, and to soak up that blessing as we begin another year. The year ahead is full of uncertainty – we know that – but the love of God the Father is both certain and constant, whatever our life has been like.

We look forward to welcoming Mark in GVC at the Firehouse chapel, Coney Hill, on Friday and Saturday.





See for more info on Mark’s ministry


Reminder: Scott Dalton (Rivers of Grace / Catch the Fire) will be in Golden  Valley Church for one night only onTuesday 2nd October 2012. The meeting entitled, “Stepping into Destiny” will take place at 7:30pm at “the Firehouse”. There will be no charge for this event, but an offering will be taken up.

Come an join us for a great time of worship, Bible teaching, and Holy Spirit ministry!


by Jean Packer

The ‘School of Leaders’ and ‘School of Prophets’ Graduation Supper was exceptional. We entered a transformed ‘Firehouse’ to a welcoming glass of  juice and enjoyed time to mingle and chat with one another. The room was decorated with flowers and little plants. Each table was beautifully laid with cutlery, glasses and serviettes and the white tablecloths had gold and silver stars scattered over them. Seats had place names thoughtfully positioned and candles were lit to add to the ambiance created by soft background music. The dinner menu was distinctive and appealing with a choice of three courses and included catering for vegetarians. Each course was superb and delicious accompanied with red and white wine and chilled water. The dinner ended with a choice of coffee or tea and chocolates.

We were blessed that our guest speaker was Pastor Alison Bates from CCC Church in Cheltenham. Alison began by commending the schools for completing their courses, especially those who had given of their time to attend both schools in their desire to grow in the Lord. Alison continued by speaking about the calling and cost, yet honour of leadership. She spoke of the temptations that leaders can face in desiring to serve their own ministries. Leaders are called to serve others and she emphasised the importance of character before gifting through sharing with us that this is something she always looks for. This is primarily the quality that is needed to lead others into God’s fullness. The ‘Firehouse’ was highlighted as a place that has been positioned in an area often thought of as marginalised. Leaders are called to serve and to restore hope, value and dignity to the communit. Jesus reached out to those who were wounded and hurting. He restored dignity to them. We are called to do this wherever He may lead us.

After this, our leaders spoke to us with affirmation and encouragement to reach forward to all God has called and equipped us to. Wes and Sharron called each member of the school forward and we individually went up to shake their hands. Alison also shook our hands as she presented us with our certificates. This was done with great applause and happiness. Afterwards, amid much fun and laughter each school were grouped together and photographed by those who had brought their camera. The evening ended on a high note and we left feeling we had experienced a very special occasion.

Our Pastors, Wes, Sharron, Ian and Muriel lovingly prepared, cooked and served us with honour. We were privileged to attend and receive such blessing from our remarkable leaders. They truly demonstrated the Father heart of God towards us in their service of love. He is generous and pours out to us lavishly the best of the best and this is what we received from them.

Golden Valley Church Gloucester


by Jean Packer


At ‘The House of Prayer’ meeting this Thursday morning we were overwhelmed by the awesome presence of God. Caught up into heavenly realms as worship and intercession flowed to and from God’s heart and ours. During this time Wes heard doors banging shut to areas of our lives that the enemy has used to hold us back from moving into the fullness of all God has for us. Ian continued this through vision and prophesies. We were exhorted to come before God with the things that had been holding us back. This was in order to shut the doors behind us for good!

As they spoke I saw a massive pile of rubble, stones and filthy rags in the middle of the green area behind Golden Valley Firehouse. This was our rubbish and rubble that the enemy had thrown in our path to hold us back from giving our whole heart to God. These were false beliefs and attitudes, difficult circumstances, health issues, our own efforts of good works and the resulting disappointments. They were all piled up and made into a huge bonfire. It was set on fire and the vast flames burned them all up. I then saw a great Eagle and a little dove rise up out of the fire. I heard God say ‘Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit’.

I then saw people coming towards every corner of the green from the north, south, east and west. They were bringing their filthy rags. These rags were thrown on and were consumed by the  fire.  The people were clothed in new brightly coloured garments and there were tears, rejoicing and everyone embracing each other.  Captives set free!

A Dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. He brings us truth, faith and gifts regenerated. He is gentle and full of love. Powerful in acts.  He leads us in the way we should go and equips us to reach out to others through His compassion and power.

Isaiah 40:31 – ‘They that wait upon the Lord shall be renewed in strength, they shall mount up with strong wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint’.  Eagles fly high and are sharp sighted. We will be renewed in strength, run and not grow weary as we seek Him with all our heart.

Let us close the doors behind us and not look back!  Let us run the race that is set before us!

‘Not but by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit’ says The Lord… Zechariah 4:6


Trials of JobThe Bible story of Job isn’t an easy one to handle. For starters at the beginning it reads like a news broadcast of one catastrophe after another, only from a ‘supernatural’ perspective rather than a humanistic viewpoint. It also deals with loss, suffering, and attempts to explain disaster by a bunch of friends. Yet through it all Job patiently pursued God as good.

Sharron will be preaching this Sunday on Job as a man of prayer. Why not come along to the ‘Firehouse’ and hear, and receive more of God’s love for yourself, into your losses and questions.