Here’s a testimony from Rachel, a member of Golden Valley Church, about her healing from Fibromyalgia.



God is good, yes?

I want to share with you how good God has been to me – I want to encourage you and hopefully speak into your heart. “Encourage one another and build each other up…” 1 Thessalonians 5:11. So let me give you my story.

I married at a time when I wasn’t walking with the Lord – I believed, but I wasn’t living it. My husband was not a Christian. We were married for ten years and just after our 10thanniversary it came to an end. It was an unhappy, pain-filled marriage to say the least. The break up was even worse! Lots happened that took a very long time to recover from. In short he caused me a lot of pain. When he left I was faced with the immense challenge of bringing up 4 children alone, juggling bills, work, the home and occasionally course work too. It was hard! Still is! But God is good! He kept us going. He blessed us spiritually and we became closer to him as a family. But you know it was hard! 2 of my children had speech difficulties, one had abdominal migraines, caused by anxiety; there were days and weeks on end where he just threw up non- stop! He missed a lot of school and of course I was still trying to juggle work and now his illness.

There came a time when I was living in constant pain, which I was eventually informed was probably due to Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue (they are very similar). I couldn’t sleep because the pain in my body was so bad, I would have to crawl up the stairs because I couldn’t walk up them, I constantly felt sick, drained and exhausted. I couldn’t stand for too long or walk the dog. I was miserable! It was my lowest point.

Then 2 important things happened – well lots happened! But 2 main things in regards to this particular testimony! Firstly I met up with a lovely lady called Muriel. She introduced me to declaring and decreeing. She told me to thank God every day for my healing as if I was already healed, to claim it in faith! Isaiah 53:5 declares, “…by His wounds we are healed.” So I started to do that every morning – “thank you Lord that I am healed.” even when it was painful getting up – ” …by his wounds I am healed! I claim my healing.” In the Lord’s Prayer we pray, “Your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Yes? Well is there sickness in heaven? No. Now I know we live in a world where the reality is there is sickness and sometimes God chooses not to heal, I don’t know why, but I do trust that He knows best. But in this case I felt strongly God wanted me to have faith for my healing and to show His glory in it.

Then I got together with another friend of mine called Bex. We were sat in my garden and she was speaking about judgements, how when we judge others it negatively affects ourselves. And as she spoke I had a light bulb moment! I realised that I was still holding onto a lot of judgements concerning my ex-husband. I had thought I’d forgiven, let go and moved on, but as Bex was talking God showed me judgements that I was holding on to.

She advised me not to dig for them, that God would show me. Which he did over the following days and weeks, maybe 5 at a time he revealed judgements to me that I needed to let go of, forgive and release. Some were easier than others! But you know Matthew 6:15 says, “But if you do not forgive others their sins, your father will not forgive your sins.” Wow, scary right? I don’t know about you but I don’t want my sins hanging onto me. The Lord’s prayer says “…forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.” As we HAVE – past tense, not; forgive us and then I might forgive others. God wants us to forgive others so that we can be forgiven. Jesus then goes on to say inMatt 6:14, “For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly father will also forgive you.”

Now it’s not easy I know. The hardest ones to forgive were the ones concerning my children – if someone hurts someone you love! Boy is that hard to let go of! And I realised I was holding him accountable for not only what he had done within our marriage but also for all the hardships that came after! I really needed Holy Spirits help! So, together Holy Spirit and I worked through it. But let me tell you, as He started to open my eyes and help me to see D through God’s eyes – just a lost, damaged, hurting soul stumbling, blindly through life because he doesn’t have the light of Jesus to guide him, when I truly understood where he is heading if I didn’t show him the truth of Christ’s love – then it became much easier to forgive, release and let go! And to love him! You can’t do that without Holy Spirit!

Colossians 3:13 says, “Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.” And Eph 4:32, “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” As I went through this process Holy Spirit showed me other people I needed to release and forgive too.  It’s not a quick process! I’m still working through it. But it is worth it.

Day by day, Holy Spirit would reveal them; I’d go into my room, “‘D’ I have judged you for…. I forgive you, I release you from this judgement and I break agreement with it – we need to break agreement with the judgement because if we are in agreement with it then we are not in agreement with scripture and if you break agreement with something then you are no longer walking together with it – I cancel the debt that you owe me; Jesus has paid your debt. Now this next bit is the important bit that we forget about because we are so hung up on what they’ve done to us… Lord forgive me that I judged him in this way”. We’ve sinned by holding onto that judgement. I also would declare scriptural truths over it, so when I judged him for abandoning us I would say God is our provider, He is our refuge, He will never leave us or forsake us.

As I did this over and over – and believe me it takes time – we’re not just talking about the old judgements here, there are brand new ones every day! As I did this, God started to heal my body. First I was able to walk for longer periods of time; I had more pain-free days. Eventually I was able to dance at church! Now I can’t keep still!!! And then I managed to climb to the top of Robinswood Hill! I can now say it has been a couple of years since I was in pain. I still get tired, but it’s now the normal, working mum of four, tiredness!

You see when we judge others and leave it undealt with it clings to us and it can literally make us ill. Unforgiveness pollutes your heart and will develop into bitterness. Psalm 32:1-5, “Blessed is the one whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. Blessed is the one whose sin the Lord does not count against them and in whose spirit is no deceit. When I kept silent, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long. For day and night your hand was heavy on me; my strength was sapped as in the heat of summer. Then I acknowledged my sin to you and did not cover up my iniquity. I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the Lord.” And you forgave the guilt of my sin.”

In Psalm 38 the psalmist says, “because of your wrath there is no health in my body,” He talks about festering wounds and back pain due to his sin. Read it – Psalm 38.  Now don’t get me wrong here! Hear me, not all illness is the result of judgements, we live in a fallen world! But it canresult in that.

Healing comes with forgiveness and actually blessings too! You might think “well they don’t deserve forgiveness; you don’t know what they’ve done!” Well maybe they don’t, I felt the same once about Dave, believe me! But who are we to judge what they deserve? Are we any better? In God’s eyes isn’t sin, sin? Don’t we all fall short? We are all born into sin; it’s only by Grace – yes? The only difference between us and them is that our eyes have been opened to the truth and theirs hasn’t – yet (love that little word! Yet – it changes a sentence from something final into – ‘ to be continued.’)

 Matt 7:1-2 says, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Luke 6:37, “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive and you will be forgiven.”

You know words are powerful! They have the ability to tear down or build up! When you speak judgements over people it’s like you are cursing them and you will end up seeing more of the kind of behaviour that you don’t like because of that. But if we bless people then it releases God to work on them! Romans 12:14, “Bless those that persecute you; bless and do not curse.”

 If left un-dealt with un-forgiveness will cling to you and pollute your relationship with Christ.

Yes? So this is important! This is biblical. We can’t ignore it. It wasn’t a suggestion it is a clear command. If we judge – we will be judged! With the same measure that we use!! WOW. If we don’t forgive – we won’t be forgiven! I don’t know about you but I don’t want my mistakes clinging to me because I refused to forgive others! I have struggled with this! But Holy Spirit brought me through it! And now, with Holy Spirit’s help, I’m getting better at recognising when I am judging and I’m sorry to say it is still far too frequently! – But I deal with it! And as you release and forgive you feel better! You feel freer and lighter! It’s all good! Actually it can also take a good friend to say, “Hmm I wonder why you are reacting this way? Is there maybe un-forgiveness on your heart? Sometimes we don’t realise it ourselves. So look out for those over-reactions.

You know it is not just others we judge. We can be pretty hard on ourselves too – why on earth did I do that? / I always end up doing / saying something stupid etc – we need to forgive ourselves. And if we are being really honest here, we can also judge God. Why didn’t you do this Lord? Why did you let that happen? Why didn’t you do it this way? Our Father is ready and willing to forgive us, He’s just waiting for us to confess, break agreement with it and repent.  He loves us and longs for us to come out from under the yoke of the judgments and hurts we hold onto and find freedom and release.

If anyone knows they have unforgiveness in their heart I urge you to ask Holy Spirit to help you forgive, release and repent, if you need someone to stand with you in prayer, and sometimes we do, then please ask. If you are not sure then ask Holy Spirit to reveal to you any judgements that you are holding on to.



DeeperHeartDaysA.jpgMany Christians live out of their heads, rather than their hearts. Life goes on like a treadmill and they bounce from one thing to another without giving attention to, or taking time for, the needs of their hearts. They accept unhealed wounds as a normal necessity, and limp rather than walking or running in the plans and purposes of a loving heavenly Father.

Why not take some time out for your heart? Let the deep love of God the Father pour in and bring fresh freedom, wholeness, and authenticity into your life. These days will include key point teaching, personal prayer, and guided soaking time in God’s Presence. Deepen the soil of your heart for fresh encounters with God. Define the doorways of the heart, and enter into more of Heaven’s Kingdom and plans.

Sessions will be taught by Wes Boxall and others.

Each Saturday will run from 9:30am to 8:00pm with breaks for coffee and meals.






Jeremy and Connie Sinnott
Closer Conference in Golden Valley Church

What an exciting weekend it was in Golden Valley Church Gloucester, for our “CLOSER” conference. We were so privileged to have a visit from Jeremy and Connie Sinnott, well-known and well-loved pastors with Catch the Fire Ministries, Toronto.

From the very beginning of worship God drew us in closer to Himself. As the first song said, we began to ‘stir up deeper waters, calling out to You.’ Although it was a cold weekend weather-wise His Fire kept falling on His people. The loving Presence of the Father was preciously close. Several people testified of receiving healing during the event. One visitor claimed to have ‘seen hundreds of angels’ while worship was proceeding. There is something incredibly powerful when earth and heaven combine in worshiping the King of Glory.

Connie shared wise thoughts on how to practice God’s Presence, how to respond to Him more, and how to be sensitive to His heart. Jeremy & Connie SinnottOn Sunday morning Jeremy gave a great talk on God’s Covenant with us His people: how to understand the language of covenant used in the Bible, and how His covenant covers all of our lives.

We are grateful to our friends at St Oswald’s Parish Church, Coney Hill, for the use of their building for the sessions on Friday and Saturday.


As I sit in my room in an unusually deep-freezing January in Toronto, I am thankful; very thankful. It’s the twentieth anniversary of the day the Holy Spirit came and poured Himself out in renewal and revival to a small Vineyard church near Pearson International Airport. Within weeks thousands were flocking to the nightly meetings from all over the world, with airlines putting on extra flights from the UK, just to accommodate all the Brits who wanted to go over.

Toronto BlessingAnd twenty years later, the phenomenon of revival continues, and countless lives globally have been changed for the better, as they have experienced God the Father’s tangible love, received revelation and healing, and entered into deeper intimacy with Jesus.

In Golden Valley Church (then known as New Life Church, Churchdown) we initially experienced this revival in 1994 as a result of Rodney Howard-Browne’s visit to Birmingham, where we hungrily queued to attend the meetings and encountered God’s amazing Presence in a new and intimate way, with much joy and laughter, tears and cries, shouting and shaking, falling and resting. We were never the same again, as Holy Spirit kept on coming. Over the following days and months, Continue reading “TORONTO BLESSING”


I’m writing this short blog from the 2012 Revival Alliance conference in Birmingham, England. About three thousand people have registered to attend across the two venues. I’m at the meetings in the New Testament Church of God in Handsworth –  a lovely venue and facilty. This year the event is being hosted by Catch the Fire / Partners in Harvest, of which we are so privileged to be a part.

Revival Alliance is made of half a dozen Christian ministries which were birthed out of or found renewal in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit which began in Toronto in 1994.

What an awesome time of worship and ministry it has been so far. Bill Johnson spoke yesterday on the primary reason Jesus came – to show us and bring us to the Father. As usual, Bill’s words were filled with passion, relevance and poignancy. Yesterday evening John & Carol Arnott ministered and there was a powerful move of the Father’s love as people were healed of sicknesses and infirmities. The tangible presence of God filled the auditorium very strongly, and we realised again that God has some amazing plans for this nation – not fogotten or forsaken!

Che An from Harvest Rock California spoke this morning and prayed over every individual in the meeting. This afternoon Benni Johnson and Rolland Baker are speaking. We look for much more in these days!

Come Lord Jesus!

Wes Boxall


It was great to hear testimonies of healings last weekend at Presence Keepers. One man with a lazy eye for 70 years was able to see much more clearly after prayer… another lady reported the cloudiness in her vision from a small cataract had gone… another suffering from ringing in her ears reported it had ceased… two others unable to lift arms above shoulder height were able to reach up and praise God… Thank You Jesus for Your great love.


In a week’s time we will be hosting our PRESENCE KEEPERS conference with Jeremy & Connie Sinnott from ‘Catch the Fire’ Toronto.

Here’s a chance to take stock, to enjoy the Presence of God, to worship, and allow Him to work on your heart for a couple of days. Why the title? Because we believe Holy Spirit is looking for those who will host and guard His Presence in these days; putting Him above all else. We want to be those people, and to allow Him to come and take us deeper into Himself.

Jeremy and Connie Sinnott have been worship leaders and associate pastors at Catch the Fire Toronto (formerly ‘Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship – TACF) since the church began in 1987.

They have travelled extensively to take the values of ‘Catch The Fire’ out to the nations through schools, seminars and weekends. They have taught and ministered on five continents, focusing on worship, soaking in God’s presence, renewal and healing of the heart.

Their passion is to see the Body of Christ drawn into intimacy with God with healed hearts, prepared for the coming Bridegroom. It is a great privilege to welcome them back in Golden Valley Church, and the Gloucester area.

The conference will be held at the ‘Cheltenham Regency Hotel’ in Staverton, Gloucestershire. Advance bookings can be made by completing a registration form and returning it to our ‘Firehouse’ address, or by phone using credit or debit card. Registration will also be possible on the door.

Session times are: Friday 10th August 7:30pm // Saturday 11th August 10:00am // 2:30pm // 7:00pm


Well, what an awesome week of prayer it has been in Golden Valley Church this week, as members have gathered together to pray for our church, city, and nation.

In the Bible God says, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land” (2 Chron. 7:14).

There can be no doubt that our land is broken and needs healing. Politicians have referred to ‘Broken Britain’. God offers us the answer to our brokenness. To humble ourselves, pray, seek Him and turn around from doing wrong in His eyes.

We are praying for our nation to do this very thing. God promises healing if we do. What is the answer for Britain? For Europe? There is only one primary answer according to this scripture – to turn back to God and let Him back in.

Please pray with us, that pockets of praying Christians will take their place across our nation; in hospitals and schools, in offices and factories, in Government and police, in homes and churches. Our God hears and answers prayer.


Jerame and Miranda Nelson brought a blazing hot message to our ‘Love Revolution’ Conference. This message was a call for all of us to be ‘on fire’ for God! To be part of a new generation of radical Christians who are truly walking in His intimate presence, in His love and in His power. To believe His word and take hold of it in order to step out boldly in His gifting to touch, heal and give hope to our hurting community, nation and world.

We saw much demonstration throughout the weekend. We witnessed miracles of God’s healing power that touched many people who were present. One woman responded to a ‘word of knowledge’ for a damaged right ankle. She came forward as she had twisted her foot and ankle when she was out hiking and had experienced problems ever since. After healing prayer she tested out her foot and ankle thoroughly! This caused much amusement as she was determined to be sure it was healed – and it was! She also received healing to her lower back. Praise God! There were also several other words of knowledge for ankle injuries and people responded positively to healing prayer.

Another woman responded to a word for healing a ‘heart condition’. She had heart failure and would easily become breathless. After prayer she ran around the meeting room and was no longer breathless! One person suffered from asthma for 20 years but felt pressure lift away and she could breathe easily. She felt ‘so good’. Someone with a whistling ear since childhood responded and it stopped! A woman received prayer for sciatica and the pain went. A man received prayer for a slipped disc. He actually had two slipped discs and he gained movement and freedom from pain. He felt good! There were many more responses to the healing touch of God. Ligaments were eased. Repetitive strain injury pain disappeared. Heart stent pressure lifted and pelvic alignment occurred. This is what the world is looking for! People want to see God’s power of love work in their life situations. They need to see His power and His love poured out. One family travelled 3 hours to receive prayer for their 6 year old daughter.

We believe that God is going to touch our city of Gloucester. We have a rich inheritance to claim from our Godly forefathers such as Robert Raikes and George Whitfield. God wants to bless our land because of their faith. Take hold of God’s promise. We need to demonstrate God with the ‘Word’ and the ‘Spirit’ and spread the ‘good news’ by the demonstration of His presence and power. Yes! There is a price to pay. It is intimacy with God. This will cost us everything because God wants our whole hearts. Nothing held back! Jesus only did what He saw His Father doing. He walked and talked with Him in intimate relationship. So can we! Do you want this? Go after it with all your heart. The Kingdom of God is taken violently! With passion!
(Matthew 11:12).


Wow! The Presence and Power of God was evident in the room from the start. The dynamic worship led people deep into God’s presence and helped to cultivate a prophetic and faith-filled atmosphere, where God was able to do miracles and bring healing to several people as a result of words of knowledge from Jerame Nelson.

He then went on to preach on keys to demonstrating God’s love, and the time flew by unnoticed! There was a great time of impartation at the end. We look forward to more….


Meeting Times: Saturday 2pm & 7pm; Sunday 10:30am & 4pm

Venue: Hallmark Hotel, Matson Lane, Gloucester – opposite the Ski Slope