Catch the Fire 20 years
Catch the Fire Toronto – 20 years of revival

I don’t think it is without significance that on the morning of the twentieth anniversary of the “Toronto Blessing” I sat in my hotel watching Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper addressing the Israeli Knesset and pledging the ongoing support of his nation to Israel. Two poignant moments occurred together for Canada – honouring revival and honouring Israel. I believe the two are inextricably linked in the heart and mind of God.Continue reading “ISRAEL AND REVIVAL”


It is with great sadness we report on the passing away of our dear friend and brother, Adrian Gwynne-James. Adrian was a member of Golden Valley Church before marrying Chinese Church Pastor, Esther Ho, in 2011.

AdrianAdrian passed away on January 2nd, after a lengthy but courageous battle with cancer. He will be deeply missed by family and friends. He is remembered as someone who was always genuine, kindhearted, and deeply grounded in his faith. His contagious sense of humour will also not be forgotten.

The funeral was held today in Leicester Chinese Christian Church, where many friends and relatives gathered together to honour and celebrate Adrian’s life, to draw near to God and receive comfort, and to say “goodbye” to a dear friend. It was conducted by Pastor Wes Boxall and Hui-Pak Wong, and translated into Cantonese. Tributes were given by Adrian’s late wife  and sister.

As Christians we know that death is not the end, but all who pass away in Christ, are immediately in His eternal presence, where we will be reunited together. This brings great hope and comfort.

Our continued prayers are with his family.


Yesterday, Sharron brought us a great preach on Mary, mother of Jesus. What an amazing woman!!

ImageNon-catholic churches so often ignore, or even despise, Mary, yet we should all be giving her deep honour and respect. Here was one woman out of all the women who ever lived who was chosen to carry God’s own Son. She uniquely opened the way for the earth to receive salvation, and as such she stands alone in history, to be honoured and loved.

Mary’s place of continuous inner prayer as she pondered in heart God’s plans for her and her son enabled her to pass through deep uncertainties and intense pain. She made herself available to be placed in a position of rumour, misunderstanding and shame for the rest of her life as she agreed to the divine pregnancy. She experienced the supernatural overshadowing of the Holy Spirit, and at the cross remained close, even when the men ran away.

There is so much to learn and emulate from her lifestyle. Take time to meditate on it this week.


I came downstairs this morning, sometime after my wife, to the sound of an ‘old’ Hillsong cd playing; “For This Cause”. I’d forgotten what an amazing set of truly anointed worship this is!! From the stirring song ‘Faith’ to the intimate love song ‘It is You’. As I listen I am simply drawn back into God’s Presence. So precious!

“This treasure that I hold, more than finest gold, Jesus it is You..” How relevant are those words right now to me, to us, to Golden Valley Church! In an age where we become bored with everything and move on so swiftly to the next thing, there’s some amazing life and hidden nuggets of gold from the Father in here. Don’t move on too fast, savour the nourishment inside the sweet!

I want to take a moment here and truly honour Hillsong Church, its pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston, its worship pastors, Darlene Zschech, Reuben Morgan, Miriam Webster, etc. Who can tell the impact that they have truly had in this generation? Thanks guys, you are true treasures, a priceless gift to the Body of Christ worldwide.


The memorial service for our dear sister and member, Jean Besley, was held at a fully packed Christchurch in Ross-on-Wye on Saturday afternoon. Tributes were given by family members and by Wes Boxall, and the service was led by Pastors John & Sue Gasston of New Life Church, Ross. Friends gathered from all over the area to honour Jean, and to stand with the family who are mourning the sudden loss of wife and mother.

During the service the congregation sang many of Jean’s favourite songs and hymns as a tribute to her. Above all else she was a passionate worshipper.

Pastor Sue Gasston gave a short message on the ‘parable of the talents’ and being faithful in all that God has given to us as individuals, as Jean herself had done.


Refreshments were served after the service in the church hall.

We continue to pray for the family at their time of loss.

A memorial page has been set up on Facebook at


A great turnout of local Christians gathered in Golden Valley Church last

Saturday evening to watch the film “The Forsaken Promise”, and to pray for the nation of Israel.

As Christians we are encouraged in the Bible to remember that Israel was the root of Christianity, and God has a heart of love for His ancient people.

It was an amazingly powerful evening of prayer led by Muriel Bull that touched the throne of God. An offering was taken up for friends in Germany who are working amongst relatives of Holocaust survivors.


by Jean Packer

‘Behold! How good it is when brothers dwell together in unity. It is like the precious oil upon the head, running down on the beard, the beard of Aaron. Running down on the edge of his garments’ (Psalm 133:1).

This scripture has been with me since becoming so refreshed during the past two Sundays at Golden Valley Church, especially through the worship, led by Bex and Colin one week and Paul and Helen the next. Their varied styles have brought enrichment to us. The worship has been wonderfully liberating and potent. We are constantly brought under an open Heaven and invited into the throne room to receive more of God’s presence into our hearts. The fire has fallen powerfully on both Sundays and we have been liberated to receive more of God’s touch as, one week a healing pool opened up and the second, we went through a fire tunnel individually and in family groups. Testimonies were shared firstly by Sue, of how the ladies on the Alpha Course are receiving God’s touch and through Jo showing us the miracle of diamonds appearing to her and Matt! The children also received, and were joyfully dancing and playing together. We have been blessed with such a kaleidoscope of colour and diversity!

Over these two weeks, great words have been brought to us, firstly through Penny, who shared what God has been laying on her heart through Acts 18. Paul was provoked to have compassion on people. He saw the value of a soul. He was positioned by God and spoke out whenever he could. Paul saw that ‘the fields are white and ready for harvest’. He was focussed on bringing light to the lost people around him and he gave his life for many souls. He didn’t concentrate on the difficulties and hardships that he suffered but glorified God with his life. The motivation of his heart was to this purpose. He was not alone and God positioned Aquilla and Priscilla to come alongside him and help him in his work when he needed them. He went to the Jews first and was rejected, so he went to the Gentiles. He didn’t get hung up on the rejection of others. Paul was prepared to roll up his sleeves. He was a tent-maker. His pay was in knowing he was serving God and reaching the lost.

Likewise, God gets us pointing in the right direction and He is positioning us to bring light to others. Because we have life, we can bring life to the situations that we encounter. No matter what difficulties, hardships and disappointments we are going through we are never alone. He brings us help when we need it. He can even use the devil’s agents to help us! ‘ ‘If God is for us, who can be against us!’.(Romans 8:31). We were exhorted to ask God for a download of the value of a soul because He loves each person so much wherever we are or whoever we are talking to. They are a soul-searching for God. Keep moving forward and to keep taking ground and ask ourselves the question of how can we encourage others to keep moving forward with us. The saints of England wouldn’t give up! Neither should we! Keep sowing, keep reaping and enjoy tasting the fruit! Changes happen around the seed and this will change the atmosphere. Enjoy the journey!

We then received prayer as we stood in God’s presence and individually asked “Where is my specific place to move into and take ground for our family, friends and workplaces”?

Last week Ian spoke from Acts 20: 1 -25. He shared how it was the love of God that constrained Paul to walk the path that he did. He ran the race with joy! He gave himself to serve others. When God speaks it does something in us. We become constrained. God’s will is for us to love Him first and then one another. We are urged to look after, and watch out for one another . He has made us overseers for one another. Yes. There is a cost that may be painful to us but as we raise our eyes to Him we see that it is worthwhile. Ian reminded us that we are justified by faith.

Ian specified four things that Paul gave and received and that the church cannot exist without:-

1/ Honour
3/Self sacrifice

The church is not a building, it is a body. It is not an organisation but an organism.
The twelve disciples are the blueprint for God’s living body and we are one body related by the blood of Jesus and must love the Church as Christ does. ‘By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another’ ( John 13:35). We must build around what can I give? and not what I need. It’s not about me but about Him. We are to be interdependent with one another. Submission and friendship. Worship is a lifestyle and unity is the building block, being one in harmony and agreement. Paul took on the status of a slave.

Ian concluded his message by quoting scripture from ‘The Message’.

Philippians 2:1-3 (The Message)
“If you’ve gotten anything out of following Christ. If His love has made any difference in your life, if being a community of the Spirit means anything to you, if you have a heart,if you care – then do me a favour. Agree with each another,love each other, be deep-spirited friends, Don’t push your way to the front; don’t sweet talk your way to the top. Put yourself aside, and help others get ahead. Don’t be obsessed with getting your own advantage. Forget yourselves long enough to lend a helping hand.”


On Christmas Afternoon 2010, Melanie Morgan-Dohner passed over into God’s Heavenly Presence after a heroic and awe-inspiring battle with cancer. We want to honour Melanie’s life and ministry, and pay tribute to her, as a good friend of Golden Valley Church.

Dennis and Melanie Morgan-Dohner

Dennis & Melanie provided significant input and ministry within Golden Valley Church during its early days, and always left a deposit of hope and faith, and healing whenever they moved on.

Melanie had battled with cancer and seen much healing, but eventually God called her ‘home’. We pray for Dennis and the family at this time, and know that they are rejoicing that she is in a better place, but will miss her company in the now.

We honour Melanie, for letting us share her ‘Big God’ when she was with us.


This week we begin praying for ‘Zone F’ in our season of prayer for Gloucester. Over the past couple of months we have prayed for the Barnwood and Brockworth communities – for the people and their homes; for the children and the needy; for the schools, businesses and churches.

Some of Golden Valley Church members have walked the community streets praying as they walk, for blessing on the people who live and work in those streets.

We believe that God wants to bless our city and that He is well able to make himself known and to help and assist those who call on Him.

We pray for signs and miracles to flow and for an outpouring of His Holy Spirit on all our lives. We pray that individuals, families, and businesses will prosper because of His love and involvement. We pray for those in authority and local government and honour them for the work they do.

Please join us as we now pray for the ‘Coney Hill’  area of Gloucester (our ‘Zone F’).


What a privilege it was to share with Paul and Helen and their family and friends as they renewed their marriage vows together after 34 years.

Paul & Helen renewalThe service took place in Wheatpieces Community Centre, Tewkesbury on Saturday afternoon. The atmosphere was one of awe and joy and appreciation to God. The service was led jointly by Wes & Sharron Boxall, and worship led by Rebecca and Colin Boucker. Paul and Helen testified in their vows to God’s goodness to them as a couple and made promises for the future. A short address was given by Colin Sinclair, former pastor of Prior’s Park Chapel in Tewkesbury; who had also conducted the couple’s original wedding. Church leaders, family members, and friends gathered around the couple to pray for God’s blessing on their future together, and to express the honour that was in God’s heart for them.

Many of the couple’s original wedding guests were also present for the renewal service as well as family and new friends. The service was followed by photographs within the grounds of the Centre, and a fabulous buffet meal, with a chance to catch up with people. It was indeed a wonderful occasion, and underscored afresh the Godly importance of marriage and family.