This August we are running part of our School of Prophets online, over three Wednesdays.

School of Prophets is designed for Christians who desire to grow in their ability to hear God and to live prophetically wherever they are. Scripture encourages us “all to prophesy”. School of Prophets will assist you in developing your own unique combination of gift and style in prophecy.


Teaching will be delivered in person over Zoom and by video/audio recordings. In addition, there will be a small amount of group activations and practise to help you grow!

In between sessions, participants will be expected to complete certain assignments based on the areas of study.

This is normally a full five-day course, however as we are running it online over three part-days, we will only be able to cover some of the material. Additionally, there is normally a charge for this course, but the present sessions are free.

We would however ask:

  • That you commit to attend all the sessions being offered if at all possible
  • That you consider making a donation to Golden Valley Church


✦ Confidence in Hearing God’s Voice

✦ Visionary Capacity

✦ Types of Prophetic Gifting 

✦ Manifestations and Prophetic Symbolism 

✦ Engaging the Heavenly Realms 

✦ Walking in God’s Heart for the Nations 

✦ How to Release Prophetic Words 

✦ The Prophetic Burden 

✦ Prophetic Intercession

✦ Evaluating and Responding to Prophecy

✦ Character, Giftings, Motivation, and Heart-conditions

✦ Prophetic Traps to Avoid




It is with great anticipation we prepare for our weekend with Michael and Elisa French this weekend.


Pastor Michael oversees Cahaba Equipping Ministries, a Streams Ministries Training Center, devoted to training and equipping spiritual leaders around the world. He has been actively involved in ministry since 1982. He founded The Bridge Birmingham, AL, in 1998 and pastored the church for 17 years. He received his call into the ministry, after practicing law for 16 years. He was raised in a home that hosted spiritual fathers such as Bob Jones and John Paul Jackson as personal friends.

Over the past 27 years, Michael and Elisa have ministered all around the world. They are also the co-founders of Pavilion Village Children’s Home in Kenya.

Michael worked with John Paul Jackson over 30 years and was mentored by John Paul (particularly in the areas of prophetic ministry/evangelism and biblical dream interpretation) during that time. Michael has been teaching on these subjects around the world since 2002. With John Paul’s blessing, Michael founded and now serves full time as Executive Director of Patria Ministries (, an international association of churches and ministries headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama.

Michael also serves as a member of the pastoral team at his home church, King’s Way, in Irondale, Alabama.

He is the author of four books, including “The Elisha Way: Preparing for the Double Portion” and “The Remedy: Exercising God’s Authority in Your Life” (which he co-wrote with his father, Bill French).

Michael and Elisa live in Leeds, Alabama with their four sons – Joshau, Caleb, Jacob and Noah.

Cost: No charge. An offering will be taken. Come along and be blessed.


God is speaking today! Many people across the world are finding He is speaking to them in and through their dreams.

In February, we will be holding a one day dream interpretation workshop followed by a ‘dream lab’ three weeks later, with Tony Cooke, from (the late John Paul Jackson’s) “Streams Ministries”


572124686What’s God saying to you in your sleep cycle dreams? Have you ever had a dream that you felt was important and had significant meaning for you, but just couldn’t put your finger on that meaning? Maybe it was incredibly strange or weird and you simply put it down to what you ate the night before? Maybe you’ve felt God speaking to you in your dreams but can’t quite understand the message you received? We all dream each night whether we remember it or not, and understanding our dreams can help us in our everyday walk with Jesus. Come along to a day’s workshop and be trained how to interpret dreams and gain a greater insight. The training day includes a 50 page colour Student Manual. Coffee, tea and biscuits provided. We recommend you bring your own lunch.

Book Here

DREAM LAB, MARCH 17th 2018

463273726This is a follow-up day to “Making Sense of Your Dreams” and is an opportunity to spend a day with Tony & Dwee Cooke, Directors of John Paul Jackson’s Streams Training Centre sharpening or refreshing your dream interpretation skills. You will be challenged and gain more understanding during this fun event! Bring your own Streams Manual or your Making Sense of Your Dreams manual. The Dream Lab is also an opportunity to ‘dip your toes’ into Biblical Dream Interpretation if you have never been involved before. Learn a hav nde plenty of fun at the same time!

Book Here

We advice participants to book and attend both of these days to gain the maximum benefit.

Note: Unless you are a current member of Golden Valley Church, bookings for these events need to be made via the Streams Training Centre, UK, website.


God created us with two eyes, not one; two legs, not one. Two eyes provide depth of field and two legs forward movement. Scripture likens the church to the human body on several occasions. The Father has placed crucial picture lessons of life in its design. As God’s people it is important, I believe, to grasp this reality as it applies to how we view and ‘do’ life.

A pastoral eye will often see very differently to a prophetic eye – yet both are vital motivational giftings from God. (It is interesting to recognise that these two are placed at opposite ends of gifts spectrum in Rom. 12). Often a pastoral eye will have a focus on individual care, pain, and needs, and “grace” will be its standard. Whereas a prophetic eye may have its focus on wider issues; for example how the word of God is playing out in nations and cities. For these, “truth” will be their standard. A “two-eyed” approach will bring both together. Jesus uses “both His eyes” – grace AND truth came through Jesus Christ (Jn.1:17).

Things become dangerous when there is all truth and no grace, or all grace and no truth. Both take us off track. God will never abandon either.

I think it’s important that as we particularly mention issues which have political ramifications, in this church, that we still hold to this “two eyed perspective”. For example, prophetically it is vital we have a healthy biblical understanding of God’s commitment to and backing of Israel as His people. Yes, they are for the most part in spiritual blindness and need the Saviour, but still remain a unique nation under God’s covenant and purposes, amongst all the other nations. Scripture is clear. God doesn’t change. In GVC we take a strong stance on these truths and seek to fulfil heaven’s call to be watchman who won’t give God rest until Jerusalem is “a praise in the earth”. Or we may feel it important to keep calling for an alignment of the US with its scriptural role, as the Great Eagle which stretches its protective wings around the “woman” (Israel) while she is in a ‘wilderness state’ (Rev. 12:14).

Yet at the same time, a pastoral eye, may be one that wants to flag up the suffering of individuals, maybe Palestinians, (or indeed Syrians) such as the specific friends we have in Bethlehem. Or it may be one that sees fears and concerns amongst poorer sections of the US who wonder how threatened they will become under a change of Administration, and has deep compassion on them.

Whilst individually we may be stronger in “one eye or the other”, the church overall must have a balance of two strong eyes. The one cannot, and must not, despise the other. Truth must be spoken in love and love must be safeguarded by truth.

We are in a period of enormous political upheavals and changes. This week the transitions continue. On a personal level we may like or we may dislike those changes. That is fine. We don’t have to all agree on the political details. We can’t! We have been given different “eyes” (gifts) by God. But either way it is a time for increased prayer. And the kind of prayer that both releases the prophetic purposes of God in the earth, AND the kind of prayer that honours those in need and suffering.

A CULTURE OF HONOUR will bless both the incoming President Trump, and the outgoing President Obama. We are entitled to our preferences. But we are not entitled to judge another man’s heart. That prerogative belongs to God. I’m allowed to assess a person by their “fruit” but not to judge or rubbish them. I NEVER know what I would do in their shoes. There have been times we – I – have judged one or both of these men. It is God Who raises up one and puts down another. He sees the thoughts and intents of their – and our – hearts. Let’s repent of being judges. Let’s break off criticism and accusation (Is. 58:9). Honour will give thanks for the good that has been achieved, for the good intentions and desires, for every reflection, however weak, of love and kindness.

If you tend towards being ‘pastoral’ – mercy-gifted – pray from that place, but also recognise and honour those who see more strongly from a ‘prophetic’ viewpoint. If you tend towards being ‘prophetic’ – and tend to see world events in the light of what God is strategically doing behind the scenes – pray and decree from that place. But also recognise and honour those who are “mercy-driven” and make room for their ‘side of the face’ too.

One last thing. At the beginning I mentioned not only two eyes, but also two legs. All of this works out not only in how we see life and the world around us, but also how we move forward. I remember many years ago Gerald Coates pointing out that “being unbalanced” is a vital part of motion. That is, every time I take a step I am momentarily putting all my weight on one leg, one side, and I am actually “unbalanced”. Then I take a step with the other foot and again I put all my weight on the other side, and again am “unbalanced”. If you take a snapshot at these moments I will appear to putting all my weight on one area. However, these steps are points of movement. I pray both legs in the church will be working well. I pray we will know when to emphasise one thing and when to emphasise what might appear to be opposite. I pray we will walk out our destiny in the nations, and bring ever-increasing glory to the Glorious One, Who has washed us from our sin in His own blood, and Who alone has the authority to open up the pre-written scrolls of world history! Surely, He is coming back soon!

Wes Boxall


Emad Youssef
Emad Youssef

It was a truly awesome weekend in GVC as Emad and Ash shared with us their own remarkable testimonies, stories of what is happening in Egypt right now, and encouragements from the Word of God.

The Presence of God crammed the worship, which was poignant with prophetic urgency. But it was the (repeated) exhortation by the Spirit of God to pray which perhaps came across above all else.

Egypt Map

Emad encouraged us to continue to store up prayer with God. Ash shared his own story, that His godly Christian mother prayed daily for him for nine years when as a young man he was in a rebellious, drug-fuelled state, until He personally encountered Jesus Christ, who immediately turned His life around.

We heard that on 11/11/11 seventy thousand Egyptian Christians gathered together in Cairo to pray; to humble themselves and seek God for their nation’s condition and future. God heard the cries of His saints.

There is clearly a spiritual revival going on in this nation that is beloved by God. Accounts of miracles and healings continue. There is much in the Bible regarding Egypt. And several prophecies yet to be fulfilled. How good to know that our God is on the move outside of what normally appears in the media.

Let’s take this example of persistent prayer to heart, and continue to call on God for our own very needy nation, and the global purposes of God in our day. Jesus still calls for His church to be a “House of Prayer for all the nations”.


Cairo Prayer

[several clips of the large Cairo prayer meeting on 11/11/11 are available on YouTube. Here is a link to one short clip ]


Tom and Abi AllsopIt was an enormous pleasure to welcome Tom and Abi Allsop, associate pastors of ‘Catch the Fire’ Wembley, to teach in Golden Valley Church’s “School of Prophets” on Saturday.

As always, we are grateful for the way God’s Presence was rich and evident. The day began with an amazing time of soaking prayer led by Sharron, and worship led by Paul and Helen Tropman. Wes taught a session on God’s love for cities and how we should be praying and prophesying over our cities.

Tom & Abi Allsop at Golden Valley Church

Afterwards Tom and Abi taught on living out of our ‘sonship’ as sons and daughters of God, on understanding that we are living as holy people, and how we partner with God when He speaks to us.

We are grateful to God the Father for His continuing love and grace which never leaves us and gives us hope.


by Wes Boxall

Having spent several hours this past week in our month of prayer sessions, especially crying out to God for our nation and Government, and for Him to raise up the godly in authority, and then having spoken this weekend on our “School of Prophets” regarding the prophetic voice being released into every area of government and society – the ‘Daniels’ – I was well blessed to read a tweet from Beth Redman this afternoon.

“Beth Redman: Heading home from an extraordinary mtg in Westminster talking to MP’s about @TheA21Campaign schools program#didthatreallyjusthappen?!!”

Well done Beth! Bring it on!! May God establish His ‘Daniel’ voices and His agents throughout this land and release a turning back to Him… for the sake of us all, especially our children and grandchildren.



GVC School of Prophets recommences on Saturday 11th February after the winter break. Participants will continue training in Biblical prophetic and communicating God’s voice and heart.
So far the course has been well attended and appreciated. We look forward to more as we continue.


“School of Prophets” began on Saturday in Innsworth Community Hall. The participants came from several churches in the Gloucester / Cheltenham area, and together experienced a great time of learning to hear God better, understanding prophetic giftings, and the history of Schools of Prophets in the Old Testament. There was plenty of encouragement in worship and sharing God’s blessings with one another.

The school is being run as a result of a prophetic word which Wes & Sharron received from Stacey Campbell a few years ago – awesome to see it beginning to come to pass.

As well as live teaching from the pastors of GVC, the participants received video input from Mark Virkler and Lynley Allan.

More Lord!!