by Jean Packer

It was a great pleasure to again welcome Jeremy and Connie Sinnott to our church for the ‘Presence Keepers’ Conference. Like us at Golden Valley Church they have a passion to see the Body of Christ drawn into intimacy with God through worship and soaking in His presence where hearts are healed and renewed in preparation for the coming Bridegroom.

The conference was well attended by people who came from a wide range of churches and areas. All of us had been drawn by a desire to have a deeper knowledge and experience of God in our lives. Jeremy and Connie led us in worship that was beautiful and gentle, yet tremendously powerful. There was a great sense of God’s Presence that arose and emanated throughout the place that lasted all weekend.

Throughout their teaching and sharing, we had fun and laughter with Jeremy and Connie. Connie shared how she used a little buzzer that went off every ten minutes that reminded her to praise and thank God for all her blessings and circumstances, which is so important to do. It was so refreshing in the way they taught us not to have a divide from God that made it easier to receive. They exhorted us to practice intimacy with God’s presence and to have a deeper knowledge of His heart of love for us and explained how we need God to be able to flow out of us to reach people and touch hearts. We can do nothing of ourselves. We need to be channels for Him. It was also wonderful to have time to experience some special times of ‘soaking’ up His presence and our Heavenly Father was able to gently draw us closer bringing release and freedom as He touched us. Our lives were opened up to Him in a deeper way.

Faith levels continually rose as the manifest presence of God came down. Signs and wonders were demonstrated on our second day and healings were in our midst.

Prophetic sessions were also arranged for people who wanted some encouragement from God over their lives and these proved to be enjoyable and affirming both to those who prophesied and those that received. It is such a joy when we allow God speaks and we receive all He has for us!

The ‘Fire Tunnel’ at the end of our meetings was magnificent! We all lined up and went through the tunnel formed by leaders (some of us several times)! We were enveloped by the Holy Spirit’s power and we mostly staggered through with much hilarity and laughter.


In a week’s time we will be hosting our PRESENCE KEEPERS conference with Jeremy & Connie Sinnott from ‘Catch the Fire’ Toronto.

Here’s a chance to take stock, to enjoy the Presence of God, to worship, and allow Him to work on your heart for a couple of days. Why the title? Because we believe Holy Spirit is looking for those who will host and guard His Presence in these days; putting Him above all else. We want to be those people, and to allow Him to come and take us deeper into Himself.

Jeremy and Connie Sinnott have been worship leaders and associate pastors at Catch the Fire Toronto (formerly ‘Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship – TACF) since the church began in 1987.

They have travelled extensively to take the values of ‘Catch The Fire’ out to the nations through schools, seminars and weekends. They have taught and ministered on five continents, focusing on worship, soaking in God’s presence, renewal and healing of the heart.

Their passion is to see the Body of Christ drawn into intimacy with God with healed hearts, prepared for the coming Bridegroom. It is a great privilege to welcome them back in Golden Valley Church, and the Gloucester area.

The conference will be held at the ‘Cheltenham Regency Hotel’ in Staverton, Gloucestershire. Advance bookings can be made by completing a registration form and returning it to our ‘Firehouse’ address, or by phone using credit or debit card. Registration will also be possible on the door.

Session times are: Friday 10th August 7:30pm // Saturday 11th August 10:00am // 2:30pm // 7:00pm


Tom and Abi AllsopIt was an enormous pleasure to welcome Tom and Abi Allsop, associate pastors of ‘Catch the Fire’ Wembley, to teach in Golden Valley Church’s “School of Prophets” on Saturday.

As always, we are grateful for the way God’s Presence was rich and evident. The day began with an amazing time of soaking prayer led by Sharron, and worship led by Paul and Helen Tropman. Wes taught a session on God’s love for cities and how we should be praying and prophesying over our cities.

Tom & Abi Allsop at Golden Valley Church

Afterwards Tom and Abi taught on living out of our ‘sonship’ as sons and daughters of God, on understanding that we are living as holy people, and how we partner with God when He speaks to us.

We are grateful to God the Father for His continuing love and grace which never leaves us and gives us hope.


This next Sunday will be our last at the Firehouse for the time being, as we still have further work to do on the premises before they are completely functional.

We will continue to hold ‘House of Prayer’ sessions in Coney Hill together with training sessions, but Sunday services will return to Innsworth Community Hall from 11th March.

The programme for this Sunday is:

Main meeting at 10:30am and Soaking Prayer at 2:30pm, both at the Firehouse.


This evening the soaking prayer session in Churchdown led by Amanda and Rachel was an awesome time! The Presence of God was thick and the whole evening sensitive and worshipful.

Different students from the School of Leaders are leading ‘soaking’ events as part of their training. Well done ladies!


We are very pleased to be welcoming Rev. Bill O’Leary, pastor of Tewkesbury Baptist Church, to preach this coming Sunday.

He has been a good friend and colleague of the leaders of Golden Valley Church for many years, and it is exciting that he will be sharing with us again.

Come along and hear for yourself! Worship will be awesome, and the Presence of God very real.

The service is at 10:30am, at Innsworth Community Hall. Coffee will be served throughout.

Bill’s full bio can be found on the Tewkesbury Baptist Church website.

There will also be a ‘soaking prayer’ session in the afternoon from 2:30 until 3:30.


by Jean Packer

Sunday 31st January

It is so good to have Wes and Sharron back with us this week and there was great prophesy brought to us throughout the worship time. Wes sang that God wanted to take us to the banqueting table. He wants to take us by the hand and lead us there because of how much He loves us. His love never fails and He is always for us.  Muriel saw a vision of  ‘Sleeping Beauty’ who was trapped by the wicked witch. She slept until the Prince came and kissed her back to life. We were exhorted to allow God to kiss us back to life. Sometimes we have a film over our eyes and do not see with His eyes. He wants to come and embrace us until His face is all we see. Wes also pointed out a party balloon that was on the ceiling. He told us that God wants to take the ceiling off so that we can rise up with joy!! We allowed God to kiss us and we danced with joy through a fire tunnel and enjoyed splashing and playing in His presence.

Sharron shared what God had put on her heart this week from Genesis 49:22; a prophetic blessing over Joseph from his father – which we can step into under the New Covenant, as part of our Father’s Blessing.

“Joseph is a fruitful bough, A fruitful bough by a well; His branches run over the wall.”

The teaching was that a bough is not like a branch that can break easily. It is thick and stable. Joseph was a fruitful bough and stayed faithful to God throughout the years of captivity. At the right time, God brought him into freedom and raised him up into a place of great authority. He was second only to the King of Egypt. He was commissioned to organise the grain of the land into the storehouses throughout the 4 -7 bountiful years of harvest. This was so that there would be enough grain in the barren years to feed everyone in the land. Joseph could supply because even though he was initially rejected, he trusted God and stayed close to Him. He was faithful and stayed by the well of grace and drank, with joy. He was not a spindly twig but a strong fruitful bough. We are encouraged to close our eyes and imagine carrying the weight of Egypt on our shoulders. Daunting isn’t it? Joseph could do this because he stayed faithful throughout the years of trial. He had a wall in front of him but raised his eyes up, and over the wall to look beyond his present circumstances.

Fruitful means bountiful, liberal, prolific, full. If our ministry has been rejected we may become discouraged, but if we have fruit then even those who have rejected us in the past will come to us when they are hungry, as they did for Joseph.

John 15:16 “You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in my name He may give you”

A well is a drinking place of refreshment, saturation and deep drinking. We must let down our bucket and draw up the water that is always clean and pure. Drink by faith. This is an act and something is happening! Soaking is tuning into the Spirit realm by meditating on God’s word. Joy goes with drinking.

Isaiah 12:3 – ‘Therefore with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation’.

Our Father is committed to giving us water: Isaiah 41:17, John 7:37, Psalm 1:2-3, Psalm 87:7

Do we see walls in our lives that we can’t see over? Joseph was thrown into a  pit, and experienced prison through Potiphar’s wife lying about him Genesis 37:18. Yet he grew taller and his fruitful bough grew over the wall! The bough stretched across the wall so completely into new territory. He became the head and not the tail.

“The LORD will make you the head and not the tail, and you only will be above, and you will not be underneath, if you listen to the commandments of the LORD your God, which I charge you today, to observe them carefully, Deuteronomy 28:13

Sharron shared how she looked over her wall and saw an orchard with fruit all over the ground. The gardener was picking up all the fruit and storing it away in a dark shed until it was the right time to give it to others. Another time, when she looked, she saw a mighty lion and he shook his mane and all the fruit fell off the trees. We were exhorted to too over our own walls and see what we could see.

One testimony from Maggie was:
“I saw kids playing freely without a care and then Jesus walked into the garden carrying lots of candy sticks and the children rushed up to him and took them with such joy and he was so happy to give them away – there was no standing on ceremony asking politely – the children just took them AND HE WAS HAPPY THAT THEY DID!!! “

The meeting finished with us getting into small groups and praying for one another to drink of the Holy Spirit, and that we would look over our walls and take hold of all that God showed us!


Sunday was another precious time in worshipping God. What a sweet presence it was from the very beginning.

Even though many were away on holidays or visiting ‘River Camp’ there was a ‘hungry remnant’ gathering in GVC for worship. Becks and Colin led the worship with great sensitivity for almost an hour; the sounds of heaven permeating the room. Wes preached from the story of Lazarus, likening Jesus’s deliberate delayed response to times when God doesn’t answer our prayers in the timing or way we would sometimes demand. Sometimes we can blame Him for situations which we perceive have gone wrong, but He desires to set things up for His glory to be known.

Most of the congregation took ‘soaking’ time at the end of the meeting, allowing the Holy Spirit to minister to them in areas of disappointment in prayer. How wonderful that God continues to reveal Himself to us in such gentle and sweet ways. How good He is in every way. How much He truly loves us.